A Pocket Guide to Cloud Managed Services and Providers

Managed cloud services are a form of managed cloud computing wherein a managed cloud services provider (MCSP) partially or completely manages a company’s cloud infrastructure. This enables their client organization to reduce the complexities of managing cloud workloads and generate greater business from with the cloud.

What Are Managed Cloud Services?

Managed cloud services refer to the management of a company’s private, public, or hybrid cloud environment by an external services provider. These services often encompass a wide range of cloud-related IT tasks, such as:

  • Operations management
  • 24/7/365 helpdesk support
  • Cloud hosting
  • Cloud implementation
  • Cloud solution design and implementation

Many companies find that offloading them to a trusted partner like Axcess.io brings them many benefits. This partner is a managed cloud services provider.

What is a Managed Cloud services Provider?

A managed cloud services provider manages their clients’ cloud infrastructure and resources. They bring advanced cloud experience and expertise to help organizations accelerate their cloud journey and capture the full benefits of the cloud.

Experienced MCSPs enable rapid cloud deployments aligned with an organization’s business needs and budget. They also provide ongoing guidance and support around cloud strategy, solutions design, migration, operations, and performance.

An MCSP augments the company’s in-house IT team. They take over the day-to-day cloud management and maintenance, streamline critical cloud processes, and simplify application management. In addition, they bring automation, security, and compliance expertise to help their clients reduce operational and security risks and meet their compliance responsibilities.

Many MCSPs offer a wide range of services on a subscription basis with a transparent pricing structure. This enables their customers to control their MCSP spends. Some providers also provide flexible and demand-based support, meaning an organization can adjust the MCSP resources they need per their fluctuating requirements.

Benefits of Managed Cloud Services

The cloud brings many benefits to businesses, including more flexible operations, reduced IT costs, improved business agility, and accelerated innovation. However, like any other IT asset, it also requires regular maintenance and optimization.

Self-managing the cloud can be burdensome for many companies. It also reduces the speed and agility that moving to the cloud can bring and hampers the cloud’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness. A competent MCSP can eliminate all these challenges.

Further, MCSPs who understand their client’s business needs can:

  • Manage the cloud infrastructure
  • Design comprehensive and tailored cloud solutions
  • Select a cost-efficient cloud pricing model
  • Simplify cloud processes
  • Free up in-house resources so they can focus on more strategic, higher-value work

The best MCSPs like Axcess.io also make proactive suggestions to improve the existing cloud configuration and boost its long-term ROI.


A skilled MCSP brings a lot of value to enterprise cloud environments. Organizations new to the cloud or needing help optimizing their setup should definitely consider onboarding a certified and experienced MCSP like Axcess.io.

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