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It is obvious you are here because you want to be a funded trader and you have very likely noticed that there are many people offering you the chance to become one. The natural sceptic in you (key attributes of an elite trader) is obviously suspicious of those these offers and dreams that seem too good to be true.

You are obviously wondering what makes our funded Forex trader program different. To answer that, we will have to tell you about the company’s origins and why we are not like the other so-called funded trading programs you have encountered.

In 2014, it became obvious to Daniel that many companies that touted themselves as prop firms who claimed that they wanted to make a successful trader out of everyone that had the desire to succeed in trading were wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Why? He was shocked to learn that they were more interested in recruiting salespeople and selling their courses. They had very little interested in developing traders much less much less to find traders to manage. In fact, there were some that had no capital of their own they were actively trading!

Daniel believed enough was enough and his vision to build a global online trading floor of mentored trading floor traders was born. No more would ambitious people like yourself have to fall victim to scam artists pretending to have Forex funded trader programs. No more would people like yourself feel that you required amazing academic credentials with all the right schools to get the trading career they desire and deserve.

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Let’s introduce you to the team and how they reached the point where they would create the most meritocratic and transparent trader funding program system available:

Daniel spent years working his way up to the top and gained much of his expertise from managing one of Switzerland’s most prominent prop firms in 2015. After years of success as a trader and achieving financial freedom, he had a new mission. Instead of retiring from the markets, Daniel committed to a new life goal of becoming a legendary trader by creating a global army of profitable traders.

Martin Najat was one of the students that Daniel’s mentees in one of these prop firms. Martin’s talent and skill were evident to Daniel. After 4 years of inconsistent returns; he was struggling with the psychological aspect of his trading. After working with Daniel: Martin’s trading streak completely transformed.

They came together to form CTI and created the fairest funded trader program.


Learn more about the CTI’s mission and why a robust funded trader program is required to achieve it


Below are our CTI High Performance Trader (HPT) plans to supplement the HPT funded trader program:

  • HPT Mastermind Online Community
    The opportunity to meet other funded traders
  • HPT Psychology Consultation
    To overcome the barriers to help you succeed as a funded trader
  • HPT Transformational Mentoring
    Ensure you can excel as a trader

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