Houston car accident: The first meeting with a lawyer

You suffered serious injuries in an unfortunate car crash in Houston. No matter what you feel, it is important to take a few steps, provided you are physically capable. Before anything else, call the local police (or sheriff’s office) to report the crash. This is a must for drivers when a car accident has resulted in injury, death, or extensive property damage. Once you feel okay, call your injurer and consider finding an attorney. Working with a reliable Houston car accident attorney can increase your chances of getting a fair settlement. Here’s more on what to expect when you meet a lawyer for the first time. 

Share all the facts

An attorney can only help when you share honest facts about the accident. You need to include details like – 

  1. Date, place, and time of the crash
  2. If you were at fault in any manner
  3. If you were under the influence of alcohol
  4. The event in depth, including your response
  5. If you informed the police
  6. If you received medical attention right after
  7. If other people were injured
  8. If there were witnesses to the case
  9. If you shared/exchanged info with other drivers
  10. If you called the insurance company within a reasonable time

Discussing the case

No attorney can promise a fixed settlement from an accident claim. That’s a red flag to watch for. However, an experienced attorney can guide you on what to expect from the case, including the settlement. They can also offer information on how your fault (if any) can impact your claim and whether the matter is likely to end up in trial. Your lawyer is in charge of investigating the accident to find fault and liability, and unless you are honest about everything, they cannot offer genuine help. 

Expected costs

Accident attorneys in Houston usually work on a contingency fee rather than an hourly rate. This means that the lawyer only gets paid if they win a financial settlement for you. Lawyers’ fees may vary, depending on the facts of the case, but usually don’t exceed the standard rate of 40%. Experienced attorneys may charge a tad more, but they also bring expertise to the table. There could be other expenses related to investigating the accident or filing a lawsuit, and a good lawyer will offer an overview or fine print of these costs in advance. 

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