Is There Travel Insurance For Covid 19?

The current Covid 19 pandemic has affected the travel scenario in a devastatingly wrong way and the other human life wings. Travel restrictions, government regulations, and quarantine measures are necessary for this context but are creating severe hurdles in travelers’ domestic and international traveling plans globally. So, here we will discuss the answer to the burning question in the present Covid-era, is there any travel insurance for Covid 19? How is it beneficial to the potential buyers to go for these best travel insurance plans? Here, we are trying to give general guidance as to most travel insurance plans. It is in your best interest to give your insurance provider a call to verify whether your particular policy will cover Covid 19-related interruptions or not and up to what extent.

Traveling during the Covid 19 pandemic and travel insurance

  • Understanding the Covid 19 coverage in your travel insurance if you are in Singapore works for you in a way where you can only start to determine what type of basic coverage you have, which provider you bought it from, and the exact reason for your trip cancellation. Not all travel insurance providers come with COVID insurance Singapore traveling policy, so you must make sure that you have read all the policy documents carefully and thoroughly.
  • Some of the general health reasons acting as risk coverage terms in any normal travel insurance might apply to your specific Covid 19 situation, like if you are already ill or under quarantine by a doctor’s orders. For all such medical reasons for claiming a Covid 19 travel insurance cover, you will likely be required to submit a medical diagnosis essentially from a registered physician.
  • Some traveling agencies and tour operators or even some airlines nowadays are offering complimentary ‘Covid insurance’ when you book a ticket or trip with them. In this case also always read your travel insurance policy to understand what exactly it is offering you. Complimentary Covid 19 insurance might only cover Covid 19 related issues and nothing else. So, it is better to be careful beforehand than to be harassed afterward. Also, certain travel insurances with Covid 19 coverage issued by an overseas insurance company might undergo certain complications as it’ll be subjected to the regulations of that particular country. If that’s the case, it is probably better to go for a native travel insurance provider.
  • Some travel insurance policies nowadays come up with particular attractive annual travel insurance promotion strategies that reflect their usefulness in the current digital era of a globally connected world where traveling is overcoming all the barriers.

Checklist before opting for travel insurance for Covid 19

The following details need to be checked properly in the intended travel insurance covering the Covid 19 related claims

  •      Destination: Is your particular travel destination covered? Insurance providers might limit the cover to certain countries that have a travel zone agreement with them.
  •      Duration: Are you covered for the full duration of your trip? Can you extend that in case of any emergency like you or your traveling companion tests positive to Covid 19 and you need to go to isolation or if your flight gets canceled due to sudden lockdown or if quarantine-free traveling is paused?
  •      Cancellation costs and Additional expenses: Are you covered for cancellation costs if your relative or a close one back home gets sick with Covid 19 and you need to return earlier than planned? Also, what happens if you were going to stay with someone, but they got infected by Covid 19? Or your accommodation place or even the tour agency gets closed down because of Covid 19? Are your additional expenses covered in those cases?

So, if you have some upcoming travel plans then the first and foremost thing you should be considering is a travel insurance policy that efficiently covers Covid 19. By this, you can travel in a tension-free manner within the safe embrace of your insured trip.




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