Motivational Strategies for Entrepreneurs by Industrialists Dr Srikanth Gaddam

Talking about the professional endeavours of Dr Gaddam is genuinely a vast list that cannot be spoken enough of. Based in the USA, Dr Srikanth is an award-winning global author, entrepreneur and founder of ERP Analsys, Inc. He believes that the making of advanced technology can help industries everywhere to enhance their efficiency efficiently. ERP Analysts provides various IT services that consist of new technology adoptions for Campus Solutions, PeopleSoft, Workday, Managed Services, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Data Analytics and Digital Transformation.

Since its launch in 2003, the corporation has grown from having two people working in the business into a multi-million-dollar firm. This fact has Dr Gaddam graced his company to be added to the list of Fortune 500 corporations. ERP Analysts has been ranked as one of the fastest-growing companies by Inc. and honoured as the best places to work in the vicinity of Ohio.

Dr Srikanth reflects on some motivational strategies for all of the entrepreneurs to grace them with confidence and inspiration to keep going.

Schedule – most successful entrepreneurs swear by a comprehensive daily routine. Though you do not need to have an hourly plan that you must stick to consistently, it can help formulate daily customs and shape a tradition that can help you and your business. Added personal habits that will benefit you embrace regular exercise get up, and go to bed at a similar time each day and reading. These will all have a tremendous positive consequence on your psychological health and make you much more thrilled.

Roadmap – You probably have a plan in your head about how you want your business to move forward; visualize it.  Draw up a flowchart counting where you are currently and the steps between here and where you desire to be. Observing this roadmap and your goals will subconsciously inspire you to work towards your goals in all pieces of your life.

Daily Progress –Nurture yourself and your business every single day. Force yourself to read regularly – this keeps your brain active and will be a source of ideas. Regular exercise will make you both mentally and physically healthier. Surround yourself with compatible people. You will push each other frontward! Idolize those who have achieved success and attempt to be like them.

Incentivize – Give yourself incentives for labour. Prize yourself when you reach goals. It does not have to be immense. Repetitively remind yourself of the substitute – the feared 9-5! Remember your creative inspiration and revive it. Try reading about successful people in your pitch – this should exaggerate your passion!


Dr Srikanth suggests, consecutively a business can be callous, both physically and psychologically. Be it a physical or an online store, the work can often feel irresistible and without a track. Thus, it is significant to have motivational tools at your disposal to keep you fully occupied and in the right direction when things get tricky! With the help of these methods, reach your goals.

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