Problems You May Face For Not Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney: 

Facing criminal charges is a delicate matter. When you face criminal charges in New Jersey, it is vital to have a strong foothold on your legal side. Appointing a Jersey City criminal defense attorney might look expensive. Still, it is much more worth it than facing rigorous charges because of not having a legal advisor by your side.

  • Unaware of all the defenses available to you:

There are many defense options available for different felonies; it gets difficult to know which defenses can be of use for your specific case. This is where a defense lawyer comes into the picture. A defense attorney can help you explore all of your defense options, making your case much more effortless.

  • Invalid Evidence:

You can’t afford to have any inadmissible evidence in your case. You might get convicted if any inadmissible evidence is raised against you. You will have to raise the issue if there is any weak evidence in your case. Prosecutors might not willingly raise issues for you, and nor the court takes any responsibility to raise issues for you. For raising the issue, you will need an experienced defense lawyer. 

  • Your penalties might be reduced:

The severe the punishment, the more it affects all the aspects of your life, from financial to emotional. However, an experienced lawyer can play a vital role in reducing your penalty, even if the prosecution is rigid. An experienced lawyer is fully committed to making things better for you, reduce the consequences and help you get on the right path after all the bad days are over. 

In the long run, hiring a defense lawyer is always the best choice financially and practically. You might get stuck with years of hardship and penalty even when you had a chance to dial it down if you don’t appoint an experienced defense attorney.

An additional downside of not appointing a defence attorney:

  • Get more punishment and pay for more fines.
  • Lose your job or new opportunities that might financially benefit you.
  • Hurting your reputation which can affect business or corporate aspects of your life.
  • Lose your visa or get deported if you are an unregistered immigrant.
  • Unable to find a house or allocation of your own.


Even with a defense lawyer, there remains no guarantee that you won’t face any consequences because of the situation. Still, an experienced lawyer knows their way around such cases and the court proceedings, due to which the whole process gets more accessible, and you get a chance at having a better life ahead. 

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