Prominent uses of cork across industries

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Over the years, there has been much discussion about the use of eco-friendly materials for mainstream businesses and industries. Today, many startups and businesses have even started on the grounds of eco-friendly products with similar materials being in the center spotlight. Cork is one of these highly considered materials. There are multiple uses of cork in today’s dynamic industrial and business scenario and it is stereotypically not limited to the beverage industry. Here are some of these prominent applications in this regard.

Industrial sector

Well, for being used in various industrial domains, it is important for the cork to be processed as per the required needs to give the desired results for industrial graded applications. For this, different kinds of cork granules are mixed with rubber particles. This gives them enough heat and wearing resistance to stand the pertaining and challenging conditions of industrial products. Such corks have been used for a long time in the electrical and automobile industries. They can be commonly seen in seals and gaskets.

Interior decoration

Interior designing and decoration is another one of the rising fields. Lately, it has been into utilizing used items and components like cork in delivering some of the more innovative and beautiful furniture and other products. Some of the variants like Portugal cork are available in a wide range of sizes and colors. It also gives a very natural, honeycomb vibe to the home, which is quite relaxing and charming as well. Resembling close to wood, it also has an adaptability to blend in perfectly well with different styles of interior decoration.

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Leisure industry

Many sports materials are also being made of cork. These include safety equipment and key items like cricket balls, shuttlecocks, pool sticks and body boards. Some of them are also found in paddles for table tennis and in whistles. 

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