Security patrol services – everything you need to know

To keep the thieves and miscreants away from the property, most businesses and home owners prefer hiring a guard. You can see them stationed outside man buildings. They not only keep an eye and maintain a record of the people entering and exiting the property but also do the patrolling. They are vigilant and proactive and prevent any kind of mishap. The primary purpose of hiring a patrol service is to ensure safety of the premises and keep criminals away.

Tasks they perform

Patrol the outside locations

While patrolling outside, they keep an eye on the perimeter of the property. They keep an eye on the doors, windows and car parks to prevent any unauthorized access. They are always vigilant of the activities that are happening in the surroundings even when they are performing any other task.

Interior patrolling

Interior patrolling considers checking the interior premises that ensures each and every corner is inspected. They also check that the confidential documents are at their place and there is no suspicious activity going on.

How they work

  • Vehicle Patrol – In this security guard has to cover a huge distance within a definite time, especially when there is an immediate response required. The vehicles used can be actual vehicles, bicycles, golf carts etc. Sometimes, it also includes vacation watch and community watch programmes.
  • Foot Patrol – As it says, this type of patrolling involves the guard inspecting the area on foot. Thus, they are able to carry out the inspection more closely and check if there is any suspicious activity. A patrol security guard can check the activities like trespassers, open windows, jammed doors, flooding, etc.
  • Remote patrol – This security patrol service is done by using CCTV monitoring and Drones. Video surveillance is the best for monitoring the activities in the nearby areas.
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