The Eternally Instagram Growth Of Likes And Followers On Instagram

AACHEN, GERMANY AUGUST 2019: Woman holding a Apple iPhone opening Instagram app. Instagram is a social media sharing plattform

Ask yourself, did you or did you not get upset after not receiving ‘enough’ likes on your post? We are talking about the same post for which you spent hours sitting on the horns of a dilemma, unable to decide if it is worthy of being ‘judged’ or worthy of being ‘discussed’ by the people you haven’t met in years or maybe at all. More info here

Is that you? Or is it just the trending obsession in the air. Beware, I hope you don’t catch that.

Looking at the trend of ‘being followed’ by someone has an entirely new definition of social media. Instagram introduced a unique feature where your social media profile can be ‘followed’ by someone depending on; if you chose to keep it private or public. First, you are given an option to filter people to whom you would like to access your profile while the latter doesn’t require your permission. If you allow someone to follow your profile, they become your ‘follower.’ Famoid leads to your Instagram growth.

I am sure most of us love to be in the spotlight now and then and maybe even monitor our likes closely on Instagram. We might even ask our friends to hit the like button and leave a comment on our posts to bump up the number. It just looks good when you have more ‘number’ on your picture.

Many people like Instagram influencers and content creators feel the pressure of attaining followers and set up goals to get minimum likes on their content in a set period. People feel the urge to make their lives look better on Instagram by posting more creative pictures, videos, etc. They even spend hours editing; some might even search for good captions that get along with their pictures.

Even though Instagram plays a huge role in getting people connected; it has primarily developed into a platform where people seek more approval of each other; since getting connected has become much easier and faster, we seek for validation, and if that doesn’t happen, it possesses the power even to ruin our mood.

Social networking, like Instagram, has several perks too. When you have more people following your stories or posts, etcetera, you can bring awareness to society and even deliver news when necessary. Many Instagram influencers using their followers, who are their audience and viewers, brought about many modern societal reforms.


Bridging the gaps of the informative media

Instagram has also started playing the role of informative media. Delivering news when or where the news channels or the newspapers could not cover. Providing its users a platform to create awareness through connection is truly commendable.


Instagram growth can also help you to earn more money. Many influencers try to bring reforms into society by using their creativity and content with their followers’ help. People have now started accepting body positivity more because of the influencers online and even started accepting the LGBTQ community into our societies.

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