The Various Kinds of Bearing Used on a Bike

Loose balls, bushings, captive spheres, needles, as well as cartridges are the major styles of bearing founds in biking frameworks and elements. Here, we describe how each kind of bearing differs from an additional.

To read about HR Bearings [ตลับลูกปืน LM Guide HR, which is the term in Thai], please follow the link.

  • Bushing

A bushing, also known as a shrub, or sleeve bearing, is a type of ordinary bearing used in shock installs, less costly pulley-block wheels, and shifters.

A bushing is the simplest type of bearing, as well as is simply a sleeve that sits between 2 surface areas to minimize rubbing.

  • Loosened sphere bearings, additionally called cup and cone bearings

A loose sphere bearing system consists of:

  • Loose round bearings
  • A cup that the bearings are in
  • A cone, which uses preload to the bearings
  • Cartridge bearings

Cartridge bearings are the most usual type of bearing used on anything but the really most inexpensive bikes.

These are one-piece device that is, normally, pressed right into a bearing.

A regular radial cartridge bearing is composed of:

  • An external race
  • An inner race
  • Round bearings
  • A cage/retainer to hold the bearings in place
  • And also, two seals on either face of the bearing to keep the dustout

These bearings cannot be changed or totally dismantled.

  • Needle bearings

Needle bearings, which are additionally known as roller bearings, are fairly unusual in the biking globe.

The exemption is pedaled, as well as extremely sometimes in headsets, yet then they’ve shed plenty of ground to more recent and more affordable tech.

In a needle bearing, as opposed to sphere bearings, the bearings themselves are cylindrical.

They can develop unbelievably smooth rolling and stable systems, particularly under high loads, yet in the cycling sector, there’s a propensity to avoid them as a result of the cost, as well as the complication of producing good mating surfaces.

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