What Features a Good Car Insurance Policy Must and Should Have?

It is mandatory to have car insurance before your vehicle hits the road. Car insurance covers you, your car, pedestrians, and other motorists against accident liabilities. It offers financial compensation for injuries to involved people and property. 

Insurance cover types

  • 3rd party only is a legal requirement. It does not cover your costs but other injured people and property involved in the accident. 
  • 3rd party fire & theft policy covers your car damages from fire or theft and even 3rd party liabilities. 
  • Comprehensive covers your car damages and even 3rd party liabilities.

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Must-have features in a good car insurance policy 

  • Windscreen repair or replacement coverage
  • Cover personal belongings damage or loss while they were in the car during the accident, theft, or fire.
  • If the car, alarm, ignition, immobilizer, garage door or steering lock keys are misplaced or stolen then the insurer pays compensation for the replacement of associated locks & keys.
  • A protected no-claims discount means you can make two claims within a specific period.
  • Car rescue coverage means removing a vehicle from the accident scene and transferring to the closest repairer.
  • Courtesy car in case your vehicle is immobilized and you need a temporary car until yours is being repaired.
  • The insurer guarantees any kind of repair work from their approved mechanics or garages. 

Should have features in a good car insurance policy

  • In case, your damaged car due to fire, theft, or an accident is not recovered or the repair cost is more than a specific percentage then the insurer decides to replace your vehicle with a new one of the same specifications and make.
  • Stereo & satellite navigation coverage is offered for damage and loss.
  • Accident transport is arranged by the insurer if your vehicle is put out of action due to a collision.
  • After an accident, if you are unable to get home then the insurer pays for the hotel cost.
  • 24/7 helpline for emergencies.
  • If your car is damaged beyond repair or stolen then the insurance company will offer a courtesy car until the claim is settled.
  • After an accident that was not your fault, the insurer will pay the legal expenses to recover uninsured losses.
  • If your vehicle breaks down and needs towing to the garage for repairs then an insurer will provide breakdown coverage.

What features to scrutinize in a car insurance policy?

You need to watch out for accidental damage access, which is the money that is to be paid during an accidental damage claim event. It has to be less than £100. Another feature to consider seriously is the windscreen replacement access. 

It is the money to be paid during the windscreen replacement claim event. The insurers allow the clients to choose the amount to pay against claims but it comes with a stipulation of a lower premium. It means if you choose high excess then you will need to pay more on every claim. 

Ensure to compare car insurance quotes before buying! 

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