When You Need Medical Doctor At White River Health System Choose Dr. Philip Sobash

Many physicians, nurses, and other medical experts work for White River Health System. Patients with urgent medical needs or complex health issues should consult a specialist.Dr. Sobash is a certified internist who can help with diabetes, cancer prevention, and chronic disease management.So we are pleased to make his services available to you.Because we care about our patient’s mental health, we are pleased to provide this service free of charge.

Dr. Philip SobashIs ACardiacSpecialistIn Batesville, Arkansas

Dr. Philip Sobash treats adult patients for cardiovascular disease at White River Health System in Batesville, Arkansas. After graduating from medical school at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Dr. Sobash completed a residency at Methodist University Hospital Transitional Training Program and a fellowship at The Texas Heart Institute at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital Heart Center. He has completed further training and is qualified to treat adults with cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Philip SobashWanted ToAssistPeopleViaMedicine

You’ve decided to select White River Health System as your treatment facility. Dr. Philip Sobash has pursued a medical career because he sincerely desires to make a difference in people’s lives. He has been a physician for over 15 years. He takes great satisfaction in helping patients from all walks of life regain their health and vitality after being sidelined by chronic pain or other debilitating medical issues.

Following the completion of his undergraduate work at the University of Arizona, Dr. Sobash went on to get his medical degree from Harvard Medical School. Since that time, he has assisted patients from a diverse range of backgrounds who suffer from a variety of illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and high cholesterol (with drugs like statins, among others).

Dr. Philip SobashIs ThePhysicianTo SeeAt White River Health System

Dr. Sobash is the medical doctor to see at White River Health System. He is approachable, insightful, and concerned. You’ll appreciate it how carefully he listened to my symptoms and concerns before offering a diagnosis or suggesting a course of therapy.Before entering the room, he examined my medical records to acquire a sense of my history and make an educated assumption about my suffering.

The highlight of his appointment was the phone call he gave me later that evening after consulting with another doctor about whether or not they should provide me with bloodwork based on their findings during surgery. He assured me there was nothing seriously wrong and asked that you keep him informed of any new developments so that we could have a more in-depth conversation if the problem resumed.


Specialists should be consulted when a patient has an immediate medical need or a condition that requires attention from many disciplines. You have decided to seek medical attention at White River Health System. Dr. Sobash attended Harvard Medical School after completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Arizona. The best part of my visit was when he called me that night to tell me he had spoken to another doctor.

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