Why Every Business Needs A Website? 

Can’t a business survive without a website? A simple and straightforward answer is: ‘no’. You might have a spectacular company selling amazing services or products, but all of that would never connect with prospective customers unless you have a well-designed, responsive, and user-friendly website. This is because the behavior of consumers has rapidly evolved with time and if you plan to operate a business without an official site then you are nothing but lacking behind in the competitive digital arena. 

Impact of A Website on Your Business

Your website is the identity of your business, and building a one-of-a-kind site is more important than ever as:

  • People are looking for you online: Let’s say a customer was happy about the product that they purchased from your business offline, the next moment you find them searching for your brand and its reputation online. Without a website, you won’t have anything to show and this means you’ve just lost a customer who could have been loyal. 

  • Majority of consumers never consider businesses without a website: That’s right, no website means you are non-existent to them. Hence, build a website (สร้างเว็บไซต์, which is the term for Thai) using professional web development services so that you are able to stand apart from the crowd. 

  • Commercial transaction is influenced by digital presence: Any form of commercial transaction that your business has, not only with consumers but also with other businesses (B2B) such as manufacturing or industrial will be based on your digital presence and no website would mean you could lose potential clients in no time. 

  • Basic questions about your business should be answered: What is your business about, what products or service you offer, what can customers expect from you, are you serviceable to their location? These questions should be answered without having the customer call or look for your number. 
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